SEO For All!

Affordable, High-Quality Local SEO
for Small Businesses

The Mission

We are on a mission to make high-quality SEO affordable for every small business.

The Plan

Use our proprietary SEO process to allow businesses to level-up at their own pace.

The Result

Each business builds their online asset and another reliable source of lead generation.

We run SEO a bit differently.

We wanted to make the same high-quality SEO that a business paying $3,000/mo would receive, available to businesses that may only have a budget of $300/mo.

We did that by creating levels.

SEO Levels

Every business follows the same pathway, completing levels and moving on at their own pace.

This way, quality is not sacrificed in the process.

How It Works

SEO Pricing Image


Base Price


Every month you pay a base price. This is your monthly fee that goes towards the SEO work.

This can be any amount you would like, it just needs to be $299/mo or higher.

Power Ups

Any Amount

Once a month, you will get a chance to power up your SEO by adding additional funds to your account, getting you closer to completing your current level.


What's All Included?