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Looking for an SEO Company in Irvine?

We would love to connect with you. We’re not going to waste your time or mislead you. We have a simple pricing structure and a plan that gets results. All we care about is execution and making sure you’re happy.

Clear Plan

We create a customized SEO plan for your business.

Simple Pricing

Upfront pricing and month-to-month contracts.

Proven Results

Our plan will improve your rankings and we have the case studies to prove it.

SEO Services in Irvine

Local SEO

This is our bread and butter. Local businesses. We love working with them and we are good at it.

National SEO

National campaigns are for businesses with multiple locations or that can serve clients from anywhere.

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ECommerce SEO

Selling items online? We can help by creating specific SEO campaigns that will drive traffic to your site.

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How does it work?

1 - Choose your monthly plan

Select how much you want to invest into SEO every month.

2 - Fill out our onboarding survey

Give us some information about your business and access to relevant accounts.

3 - We get to work

We start our work and you get a monthly report of  what was done, the results, and what we plan on doing next.

We chose Sam (Local SEO Machine) after reviewing his business model and skills. We needed to improve Google search results for a business services website. Sam has provided good advice and excellent results month over month. I don't think you can find a better SEO consultant .
Paul McConnell
Paul McConnell

SEO Pricing

We try to make pricing as easy as possible. All you need to do is fill out a quick form letting us know how often you want us doing SEO work and you will get an estimate of your monthly investment. All contracts are month-to-month and can be adjusted as needed every month.

Our SEO Process

We love a good process, but we also recognize that every business and website is unique and requires personal customizations. Here you can see our general process for SEO that we then adjust to perfectly align with your website’s needs and business objectives.

Phase 1

Keyword Research

Content Strategy

Analytics Set Up

Core Content Creation

On-Site Optimization

Structured Data Implementation

Google My Business Optimization

Google My Business Ongoing Management

Phase 2

Automated Syndication Network Build Out

Citation Listings

Brand Property Build Out

Blog Posts

Press Releases

Google My Business Ongoing Management

Phase 3

Link Building

Continued Blog Posts

Continued Citation Building

Continued Brand Property Work

Continued Brand Press Releases

Google My Business Ongoing Management

Phase 4

New Core Content Creation

Continued Blog Posts

Continued Link Building

Continued Citation Building

Continued Brand Property Work

Continued Brand Press Releases

Google My Business Ongoing Management


SEO services can be anywhere from $100/mo to $10,000+ per month. And often, you get what you pay for. Our SEO services can range from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars per month. Check out our pricing page to get a specific quote for your business.
The standard line is that it takes 3-6 months to see results. In reality, it is hard to give an exact answer as it depends upon your unique situation. Your industry, your location, your specific keywords, the current status of your site and rankings all factor in. We’ve had clients that have seen very positive results within 2 months and we have had other clients that have taken a year to start to break into the first page for their desired keywords. Ultimately, SEO should be viewed as a long-term strategy that is a part of a healthy, complete marketing plan.
Google (and other search engines) have algorithms that go through all of the content on the internet and attempt to categorize and organize it. Their goal is to give you the most relevant, helpful result when you search for something. The purpose of SEO is to position your website to show up for the keywords and search queries that are most relevant and profitable for your business. This is done through research, content creation, on-page SEO, and off-page SEO.
We monitor your keyword rankings, your search impressions, traffic driven to your site, and where applicable, leads created. SEO can often act like the stock market, where somedays it goes up and others it goes down, but as long as the general trend is positive, then we know that we are headed in the right direction.
All of our contracts our month-to-month so you are never locked into a long-term commitment. However, if you are getting SEO service from us (or anyone else), we recommend going in with the mindset of committing to at least 3 months, and often times 6 months and longer.

Where do we work?

We started in Orange County, CA and now we work with companies across the US.