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1 - Download the pricing guide

You’ll receive our pricing guide and calculator to see exactly what your plan will cost without having to talk to anyone (If you don’t want to. Of course, we are always here to answer any questions you may have).

2 - Answer a few quick questions about your campaign

We can customize campaigns however you would like, but there are a few staples that we recommend for each plan. You can select how often you want us working on your campaign.

3 - Find your exact cost

The calculator will tell you exactly what you can expect your campaign to cost. You can also use our pricing guide to help further customize your plan if desired.

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Some nice words from happy clients:

We chose Sam (Local SEO Machine) after reviewing his business model and skills. We needed to improve Google search results for business services website. Sam has provided good advice and excellent results month over month. I don't think you can find a better SEO consultant.
Paul McConnell
Paul McConnell
Business Consultant


What should I expect to pay?

Obviously, every plan can very depending on your needs. In general, you will want to budget between $750 and $3,000 to do a full campaign. We do have some clients that are less than that, but in those cases we are forced to pick and choose some of what we can do (or it takes significantly longer to get the results we are looking for).

How long does a campaign last?

We view SEO as an investment that, ideally, you are continually investing in. You may start out putting more resources in and then scale back as time goes on, or you may start to see some success and want to ramp it up. Ultimately, there is not a clear cut answer as it depends upon your website, location, competition, and goals.

Are contracts month-to-month?

Yup! We don’t like anyone feeling trapped and we understand business needs and priorities can change. All of our contracts our month-to-month, with an understanding from the client that you will want to plan on investing long-term into your SEO campaign.

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